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Pretty Little Thing Bump Buys – July 2020

July 20, 2020

Anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with Pretty Little Thing, I get most of my clothes from there or Primark as it’s such good value, always right on trend and I find everything fits really well. Unfortunately; PLT don’t actually have a maternity range, but there’s loads of stuff on the website that’s suitable for pregnancy, so I thought I’d do a big order to see me through the next few months.

Although I’ve barely left the house in 4 months and I’ve lived in leggings and hoodies, we’re now starting to make plans again with our family and friends, so it will be nice to get dressed up in clothes I’m comfortable in. A lot of my clothes are getting tight now, so I ordered a bunch of stretchy stuff that will hopefully fit me all the way through, or at least through the summer.

I love it when pregnant women show their bumps off, I think it’s such a special time, and such a miracle that they should be shown off and not hidden under baggy clothes! So I’ve ordered a few bodycon dresses that are great for styling for the daytime or nighttime.

I love the high neck and midaxi length on this dress, as it’s classy, and I reckon it makes me me look taller than I am (5 ft 2!). The material is really stretchy and soft on the skin, and it’s light enough to wear on a hot day also. Absolutely LOVE the colour of this, its a little but out there and different – but I love that! I also like how this can be a daytime or nighttime dress, so it’s really versatile and a good piece to have in.

I got a size medium first (normally would be small or extra small), but it was really big all over so I then ordered a small and it’s much more flattering. As it’s stretchy, even the small should last me the summer at least.

This is £22 full price, but I got 30% off with a discount code:

This dress is really similar to the one above, but it feels a bit more dressy with the V neck and split. I loved this colour so much, I don’t have anything else in this colour so thought it was a bit different. I feel like this colour would suit any hair colour also. I think this also goes well with trainers, so ideal for daytime wear as well as evening.

I also got this in a size medium, and wish I’d got a small as it’s quite big all over and now only available in medium online. This was £12 in a 40% off offer (bargain!!). It’s £20 full price and available in blue, pink, white and black here:

I really wanted this dress in the beige colour, but they only had the grey in stock. I thought the Bardot neck was so elegant and flattering, and love that it’s tight over the bump. This is definitely more of a nighttime dress. Unfortunately, I should have got size small (again!), this is too big for me to keep as the shoulders just fall down so it’s going to have to go back.

Such a bargain at £13.20 but it’s out of stock now:

I only ordered this because it was £7.20 and I’m really surprised how much I like it! I ordered a size 12 so it would be quite big for bump, but actually this one fits quite small so it’s already snug except for around the top, which is too big. Even with pregnancy boobs I’m not quite filling this out!!

For that price I’m definitely going to keep it and just wear it whilst I can. I’ll definitely be wearing this as more of a daytime dress with something over the top, either a tee or crop jumper.

This is still available in beige, sage green and black here:, and is still only £12 full price! I’d suggest sizing up for maternity, and maybe even if you’re not pregnant as it’s quite clingy material.

This is my favourite item from this haul. I just LOVE the colour, pattern, material and the fact it’s got sleeves. This was full price at £25, but I used a 20% off code so got it for £20. I got this in a size medium also, but then swapped for a small which I much prefer.

The stock keeps updating on this, so keep an eye out here:

As well as some bodycon pieces, I also went for some baggier bits so I have some options.

I love anything with the Pretty Little Thing branding on, I really am a fan girl! I wasn’t sure on how exactly I’d style this one with it being so baggy, but at £10.80 it was worth a try! They only had up to size 10 left in stock, but for now it fits ok, and for that price it’s definitely worth it. I’d always wear this with a belt to avoid it looking frumpy. It’s so comfy and looks great with trainers; so definitely one for a casual day.

It’s still available here, but it’s gone back up to £18 now: It comes in beige, blue or grey.

I ordered this white dress as it looks really similar to one I got from H&M a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love. This smock style is great for hiding a pregnancy during your first trimester, and also great for post partum as well. I really like the fact it isn’t maternity as it means I can wear this every summer now, and it’s perfect for a hot day or holiday as it’s so light and airy.

Again, I think this is perfect for day to night, and you can just accessorise it differently. It would even be nice for the beach over a swimsuit or bikini. It is quite see-through though, so I wore a nude bra and nude shorts spanx to avoid any lines. It’s also not as roomy as it looks, the second band is quite tight. I got size 10, but if you’re in your 3rd trimester, I’d recommend sizing up. The sleeves are tied at the back so there’s no worry about them falling down, which makes this piece perfect for sizing up in.

I got this for £17.20 in an offer, but it’s still available in a few sizes in white or black for £22 here:

I know I won’t be confident enough to wear the tight stuff for a while after having the baby, if at all ever again. But I’m definitely going to keep all these for if I’m pregnant again, as they were so cheap and will have barely been worn.

I ordered some bigger shapewear to wear under all the tight items I bought. Not to reduce my bump as I love it and want to show it off, but more just to reduce any rolls, cellulite and vpls. My bump is also still very jelly like and I just feel so uncomfortable wearing tight stuff at the moment without shapewear underneath.

I love the ones that are similar to cycling shorts as I think they give you a lovely shape and are really comfortable. I got these ones in nude so they go under anything, and in plus size large so they weren’t tight around my bump:

I’m fully aware that fast fashion is bad for the environment, so I either sell all my items on my Depop or give them away to friends, or charity. I never throw clothes away and a lot I actually end up keeping and wearing for years. My attitude of needing a new dress for every occasion has changed now, and so that isn’t something that I’ll do moving forward. I’ll have the same attitude with Baby E’s clothes also.\

If you’ve got any fab maternity finds please let me know!

Love Mrs E