My third trimester – the last stretch

September 28, 2020

I’m 28 weeks pregnant today, marking the first day of my third and final trimester of my first pregnancy. A lot of people say the second trimester is the best, and although I don’t know what the third trimester will bring for me, I can honestly say my second trimester has been amazing. 

My first trimester was spent in full lockdown, and our pregnancy was a secret, so my second has been completely different. It’s been so nice to be out and about seeing my friends and family again and being able to talk about Baby E and pregnancy. I’m so made up with how well my blog has been received, and I’m really proud of the growth my Instagram account has had – even resulting in me getting some gifted items. I’d set myself 2 goals before the baby was here:

  1. To get to 2000 Instagram followers
  2. To have at least 1 item gifted

I’ve hit both of these goals even before I entered my third trimester, so I’m so happy and grateful for everyone’s support and good feedback. Blogging and social media are not only part of my job and have been throughout my career, they’re also my hobby. So it’s been great to be able to share my pregnancy journey with you all whilst doing something I love.

I’ve had some incredible milestones during my second trimester. My bump has grown so much, and now I actually ‘look’ pregnant, very pregnant over the past 2 weeks actually! And best of all, I’m now feeling Baby E move every day. Feeling those first kicks was so special and emotional, and then to physically see them kick was just surreal. I cried my eyes out because it just made everything feel so much more real. For Paul to be able to feel the baby kick so early on has also been incredible. I really didn’t expect this with having an anterior placenta, so we’ve been really grateful for this. 

After being so anxious during my first trimester, I’m definitely much more relaxed now. We’ve really enjoyed shopping for Baby E and starting their nursery. I was too worried to do anything like that during my first trimester, so it’s been lovely feeling confident enough to buy things now. We have everything we need for the nursery now, we just need to finish Paul’s new garden office and then he can move out and we can start the decorating! I can’t wait to have it finished and have all their little things organised and ready for them. 

I’m so grateful that Paul was able to attend our 20 week scan, and that everything was healthy with Baby E. That was the last scan we had, so it was nice to be able to see the baby together. Growth scans are a possibility in the third trimester, but as we’re at average size currently, we don’t need one yet and hopefully won’t for the remainder of the pregnancy.

I’m really excited for this last trimester. We have our babymoon to look forward to, our last holiday just the two of us. I can’t wait to spend uninterrupted time with Paul, relaxing, eating and drinking mocktails on the beach. I also can’t wait for my baby shower, and to celebrate Baby E’s imminent arrival with all my loved ones. It won’t be the baby shower I’ve dreamt of for years, but I know those closest to me will make it special even if it is just in our house and on a much smaller scale due to COVID restrictions.

I know this is when things get harder now. I’m already experiencing a lot more aches and pains, and have had my first sciatica experience, which was absolutely horrendous. I’m expecting more of these general aches and tiredness, insomnia, and of course there’s the labour! But I’m not even nervous about it like I thought I would be, I’m more just so excited to meet our baby and hold them in our arms that it’s completely taking over any negative thoughts I’ve got about giving birth. I’m reading a really great book about being positive about labour, so I’ll go into it more when I’ve finished it.

I’m so grateful for how easy I’ve found pregnancy this far, and I just hope it carries on for this last trimester. As someone who has never really been ‘maternal’, I feel really blessed to have had such a smooth pregnancy journey where I’ve enjoyed every single second. I know not everyone shares such a positive experience, and pregnancy can be extremely difficult for some women.

We are so excited to meet you Baby E and find out who you are.

12 weeks to go 🤍

Love Mrs E

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