Today we heard your heart beat for the first time

September 8, 2020

I’ve been so lucky to have such a hands on midwife, even during COVID. Although my first couple of appointments had to be done over the phone, my midwife Becca came to our house to meet us and take samples to save me going to the hospital, and my last 2 appointments have been face to face. She’s always available over text for any questions I have (which there is a lot of being a first time mum!), and I’ve found The Countess of Chester hospital in general just so supportive so far. I’ve heard about so many women who haven’t seen a midwife until they’re past 30 weeks, and that must be so scary, especially for first time mums who don’t have a clue what to expect.

My 25 week appointment today was really relaxed and only took half an hour. We chatted about pregnancy symptoms I’ve been experiencing, including leg cramps, ligament and joint pain etc, and Becca assured me these were all very normal symptoms, and that there’s not really much I can do about it! We also chatted about antenatal classes and she took my blood pressure and tested my urine sample which were both fine. I was really pleased my blood pressure was ok, as I’m on aspirin for being at risk of preeclampsia which can be really serious. So I’m really glad that they’re keeping such a close eye on me, and that so far, it’s all been good!

Becca then used a Doppler so we could hear baby’s heart beat and it was just the most amazing sound. Although it was slightly muffled with my anterior placenta, she managed to move the Doppler in further so we could hear it really clearly. This was really uncomfortable but was so worth it. Although I had to FaceTime Paul as he wasn’t allowed in the room with me, we were grateful we could record this memory and keep it forever.

I’ll be seeing my midwife every 3 weeks now, which is routine for a first baby, but makes me feel really assured. Every appointment or scan I have now I’m less and less anxious, mostly because I can feel Baby E kicking away so I know they’re ok. The beginning of pregnancy is so tough when you have such little medical interaction and you just don’t know what’s right or wrong, or what you shouldn’t and shouldn’t be feeling and experiencing, but now it’s feeling like we’re getting so much closer having such regular appointments.

Becca confirmed that Paul is allowed into hospital with me throughout labour and including if I need to be induced, seen for reduced movements or to be examined if my waters break. I’ve been so anxious about giving birth alone that I’m over the moon with this news, and so grateful as I know it’s not the case in all hospitals. It terrified me that Paul might not have been there throughout my labour, but now I feel so much more relaxed and positive, and it’s another thing off my mind.

It was also confirmed that I can have eyelashes extensions for our babymoon woo! I just need to prop something under my back on one side so relieve any pressure from my bump weighing down on baby.

15 weeks to go until we meet you Baby E, and we’re getting more excited every day.

Love Mrs E

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